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Reduce the Noise of Chainsaw With Muffler

HUSQVARNA 61 268 272 chainsaw muffler exhaust

Despite offering competitive performance, one can’t ignore the sound of chainsaws. They might be a performance-centric machine, but it also makes a great deal of noise. There are two ways to reduce the chainsaw noise: creating a sound barrier between the noise and ear or ensuring that the chainsaw works properly. And the second option is to get a chainsaw muffler to limit the intensity of the noise. A muffler on a chainsaw works the same way as it does on a vehicle, and reduces the sound pressure using tubes, holes, and channels.

Need For Chainsaw Muffler

  • The noise produced from the chainsaws is exceptionally loud, which also constitutes a risk to the operator’s health and the nearby individuals. Whereas, having access to the technology advanced muffler, it becomes easier to reduce the sound coming out from a chainsaw.
  • Depending on the model, brand, and size, gas-powered chainsaws produce sounds up to 120 decibels. As per the research, any noise that produces sound up to 106 decibels could lead to hearing loss or cause harm to the ears. The only way you can prevent the risk of health problems is by having the muffler that will help in setting up a barrier between the chainsaw noise and its operator including nearby persons.

HUSQVARNA 137,142 chainsaw recoil starter assembly

  • When the chainsaw is in operation, the operator and other nearby persons have to raise their voice as the sound intensity reduces as distances between person increases. Before starting working with it, ensure the installation of chainsaw recoil starter assembly and muffler to eliminate the intensity of the sound to an extent.

Like any mechanical equipment, a chainsaw has an engine built inside it to spin the chain around a guide bar. The engine contributes a major portion to the chainsaw noise output in turning the chain.

While you can’t completely get rid of chainsaw noise, however, with a muffler you can inhibit the intensity of the sound to a tolerable extent. 

11th Feb 2022

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