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Highly Durable Ignition Parts Available at Chainsaw Parts Online

Most of the chainsaws available in the market are still gasoline-based and require ignition of the fuel for their working. Depending upon the quality of fuel used or with time, the ignition parts need replacement. Otherwise, the performance of the chainsaw will decrease. Overused components such as spark plugs, fuel lines can cause starting issues, especially during cold climates. Further, old ignition parts increase fuel consumption and take a toll on the user’s pocket.

A flywheel is a rotating part that channelizes the power from the motor to the machine and acts as a driving force for the friction disc. A bad flywheel causes the grinding of plates, amplifies friction, and contaminates the oil resulting in extra pressure on the piston and crankshaft, generating slippage, which can be noticed by the delay in clutch action and delivery. It works as a safety valve so that when a saw cuts through a very hard object, the flywheel knocks out, protecting the inner gear and engine arrangement. A flywheel is attached to the ignition coil via a magnet which sets up the electrical energy required to spark the fuel. Thus ignition coil is an essential part of the chainsaw, which needs to be maintained from time to time. Symptoms of a defective ignition coil:

  • Difficulty in starting the engine: After several attempts by the start-up rope, if the engine does not start, it can be a reason for the fault in the ignition coil.
  • Engine misfiring or stalling: Sound like coughing during usage or even in idle condition indicates a problem with the ignition coil and must be replaced.
  • Increased emissions: Irregular emission or unnatural smell can be a symptom of a bad coil. It happens because sometimes the coil generates the spark, sometimes it does not, leading to incomplete combustion.
  • Fuel consumption: Notice any change in the fuel reading and act accordingly to change the coil.

Chainsaw Parts Online Ltd. is widely equipped with the best-in-class ignition parts, and these parts can be purchased for all major and generic models of the chainsaw. Buy spark plug, ignition coil, flywheel, on/off switch, we maintain quality standards and make sure that the parts are as exact as the OEMs.Confirm your part with the picture provided on our website before placing an order.

If there is an issue with booting of the chainsaw, the first step should be checking the spark plug and cleaning it with a soft cloth as regular combustion causes the formation of carbon and reduces its power. If it still does not start or starts intermittently, physically verify the ignition coil for damage and order it from Chainsaw Parts Online shop without any second thought. We maintain a database of all the models of reputed brands such as Honda, Stihl, Husqvarna, Chinese chainsaw, but if the part cannot be located, feel free to contact us, and we will make it available in no time.

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