How To Accurately Measure Chainsaw Bar Chain UK For Proper Functioning?

How To Accurately Measure Chainsaw Bar Chain UK For Proper Functioning?

Working with a dull and inaccurate size chainsaw bar will be a nightmare experience for gardeners. Installing the right size chainsaw bar chain UK is crucial for enabling the proper function whereas an inaccurate size chainsaw bar may affect the performance of both the chainsaw and its user. Not every bar or chain will work efficiently for every saw. Chainsaw chains are measured to fit specific size bars. If you’re looking to invest in a new chainsaw bar or chain, you must find the perfect fit.

If you are not pro at finding the right size chainsaw bar or chain from chainsaw and strimmer parts suppliers, it's not difficult to do so. In this post, we help you know how you can measure a chainsaw bar to enhance the productivity of your chainsaw.

Before starting the process, you need to first wear gloves to avoid any unwanted cuts:

Remove spark plug wire- First, start by placing the chainsaw on a flat and clean surface. Make sure to turn off the ignition. Remove the top cover with screwdrivers and locate the spark plug wire on the air filters.

Measure the cutting length- Use a measuring tip and place it on the chainsaw bar chain tip. Move it to the base of the blade and round off the value of the number.

Take off the chainsaw bar- Use a wrench to unscrew the bolts and put them on the right side of the chainsaw. Pull off the cover to expose the bar and move it to release it from the clutch.

Measure the length- Place the measuring tape on one side and drag it to another side. Round up the value to the nearest inch to get an estimated length idea. The exact length of the chainsaw bar chain UK will always be longer than the cutting length.

Chainsaw is a versatile tool and when it runs smoothly it can improve the productivity of gardeners. When you will be able to measure the length of your bar and chain yourself, you will be able to find the best replacements for the most important parts of your saw.

16th Mar 2023 Chainsaw

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